Group Training

A small class is a pretty big deal.

We limit class size for the same reasons we limit membership in our clubs: to improve service, give you more room to work out and to deliver a better experience. Our classes are capped at six people so your instructor can give you the attention you deserve and the results you want.

Sweat with friends.

Working out’s always more fun with a buddy or two. Or five! If you’re a group of six and want a specific class we don’t offer, let us know and we’ll work with you to put it together.

A small commitment can lead to big change.

You start out with one class, once a week, at a time that works for you. Easy. You feel good about yourself and you haven’t disrupted your schedule. Then you start to see results; little ones at first, but results nonetheless. And you feel great because you’re doing it. You’re making it happen. So you do the class twice a week. It takes a little juggling but it’s worth it for how you’re feeling, what you’re seeing and who you’re meeting: people like you who care about their fitness and enjoy our intimate setting.

Before you know it, a few of those people become friends, you’re up to three classes a week and change is in full effect: you feel amazing, you look better than you ever have and all you want to do is step it up. That’s when you talk to a personal trainer.

Book a class, space is limited.