We make fitness personal because it is.

Want more energy to chase your kids around? Want to stay healthy, active, and young?  How about a pain-free round of golf or the body of your dreams?

We’ll make it happen with a custom program, a team of trainers and rehab specialists, and all the equipment you’ll need to train effectively.

You’ll achieve results faster, and feel more confident, balanced and complete.


Our approach


It’s thorough, and so are we.

We’ll get to know your body and where to target our work so we can build you a unique program. You’ll see results faster and start living the life you want sooner.


Love the gym again.

You’ll feel great when you’re here and fantastic when you go home. You’ll love what you see and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.


Built for your body and goals.

We’ll show you what to do, how to do it and why you’re doing it so you feel just as comfortable working out on your own as you will with a trainer.


We make it easy.

You only need a membership to work out on your own; not for personal training, classes or therapy. Either way, you can come in before your session to warm up and stick around afterwards to do some cardio or take a shower.

Most gyms can’t treat you like you’re their only member.
We’re not most gyms.

We want you to love the gym again. Because if you love it, you’ll come more often.

Since 2001, that’s how we’ve helped our clients achieve, and it’s what we want for you.

Enjoy achieving again.